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Some thoughts from a Chinese libertarian
It is really sad for me, a Chinese who plan to immigrate to US in future, to find out so many second generation Asian Americans are so nationalistic, and many post in this sub could be viewed as hardcore "fifty cents anti-US propaganda" in China. Most people here views things by American ways, I want to introduce another way to you, which may explain why your parents support trump like me.The key idea of anti-traditionalism is simple: Not all cultures are equal, people with bad cultures should learn from good cultures as backward countries should learn from rich countries. In most cases, good cultures=West cultures=modern cultures, West were so advanced compared to other parts of the world because they abandoned their old way earlier so we should follow them.Multiculturalism is totally wrong because it says all cultures are equal. How could modern culture equal to savage one? How could democracy equal to totalitarianism? How could gender equality equal to gender discrimination? How could atheism equal to fake religion faith?Nationalism is also totally wrong because it hint the same thing as multiculturalism. Why should I loyal to my backward culture just because I happened to born in a backward country? Why should I defend horrible acts just because my culture discriminate women? Why I refuse a good culture become better by learn sth from a relative bad one?Supremacy is not as absurd as multiculturalism and nationalism, but still have huge problem. Advanced civilization should help backward civilization rather than bully them, as rich should help the poor rather than bully them. And given the chance, backward civilization could be better and even surpass once-best civilization as it happened many times in history, like poor people might be rich in the future.The simple idea could affect position on a lot of issue, for instance, anti-traditionalist are more likely to support colonialism against backward regions because spread civilization by colonization is great, such as Japan Empire->Manchuguo/Britain->Hong Kong/China->Tibet and XinJiang/Israel->Palestine. Chinese Nobel prize winner Liu Xiaobo once jokingly said China need 300 years of colonization, the idea behind his joke is common among Chinese liberal-libertarians and not uncommon among nationalists. Notice anti-traditionalist could oppose colonialism, but the reason is very different from nationalist: occupy government always respect old cultures too much.Why some first generation immigrants support so-called "anti-immigrants" policy? Well, people who satisfied with their homeland are unlikely to immigrate to another country. Many Americans love Bernie, but I guess immigrates from Sweden would not like him. People immigrate to another country for better country and better life, not for worse people from worse countries.You could AMA.

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